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Here are some resources that I recommend for educating yourself more about Traditional Asian Medicine and Western Herbalism

The Art of Growing Medicinals

This is a 9 month course on The Art of Growing Medicinals. This refers to growing herbs and using them in your daily life. We will have many hands on classes where we are working directly planting and harvesting herbs. There are 3 Plant Walks in West Marin. In almost every class we will be preparing a different Medicinal product. This class will help you to better your "kitchen witch" skills as well as provide a home apothecary for your loved ones. I have been growing medicinals for over 10 years from seed to medicine and am so excited to share with everyone the blessings you can find in the wild and in your home garden.

The 2023/24 Session Just Ended, Enrollment in 2024/25 will Open August 1st and Classes Start September 15th

Herb Plants
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