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Dr. Tara has been a chef for many years. Before medical school she worked as a chef full time. She worked as a Vegetarian chef for 10 years and also as a chef at a French cuisine winery.  She cooks with seasonal, local, and organic ingredients. These nutrient dense meals are intended to optimize your health and well being. These meals are naturally gluten free, and plant focused.

Pick and Choose Menu Details

Menu is posted below, this menu is the same seasonally, you can pick and choose what you want with a $30 order minimum. Order by the evening before at 11pm. This Menu is available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Free Delivery in San Geronimo Valley, Pick up at 6 Bridge Ave Suite 1 San Anselmo


Bone broth has been proven in many studies to increase overall health. It is a great way to get a supercharged amount of minerals into your body as well as reduce inflammation. 

Click here to read a study on Bone Broth


The Broth that you order from Dr. Tara is also made with Herbs that promote general well being. 

Broth is included in the weekly package but can be order on its own. 

8 oz Container = $5

Super Health Food
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