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Dr. Tara has been a chef for many years. Before medical school she works as a chef full time. She worked at a Vegetarian Resturant for 10 years and also as a chef at a French cuisine winery.  She cooks with seasonal, local, and organic ingredients. These nutrient dense meals are intended to optimize your health and well being. These meals are naturally gluten free, and plant focuses. Also if requested meals can be made compliant with the AIP diet (Auto immune protocol)


Subscribe Monthly for Meal Box, or Order Weekly. 

The Full Meal Box Includes: A main dish, a side dish, salad, bone broth, a snack, and a dessert.

This is designed to help with weekly meal prep and having healthy options around for when you are on the go, or just not feeling up to cooking for yourself or your family

There are 2 options Small and Large

Small is designed for 1 person, and the Large is designed for 4 people 

Cost: Single Small Box $65 Single Large Box $200

Monthly Small Box $200 Montly Large Box $750

Pick up/Delivery: Food can be picked up on Tuesdays from 2-8pm at 6 Bridge Ave San Anselmo, CA

If you need a delivery option please reach out this will depend on location

Ordering details: Orders must be placed by 11 pm on Sunday night, to place order click here, Include in the email what size you want and if you are just ordering for the week or would like to pay for a month (a month always includes 4 weeks or boxes, it will always begin at your start date)



Bone broth has been proven in many studies to increase overall health. It is a great way to get a supercharged amount of minerals into your body as well as reduce inflammation. 

Click here to read a study on Bone Broth


The Broth that you order from Dr. Tara is also made with Herbs that promote general well being. 

Broth is included in the weekly package but can be order on its own. 

12 oz Container = $9

Examples of a Weekly Box

Orange Chicken with Rice, Side of Sauteed Broccoli, Cucumber Salad, Trail mix, Strawberrry Matcha Muffins, Bone Broth

Super Greens Lasagna, Sauteed Brussel Sprouts, Strawberry Balsamic Salad, Fresh Vegetables and Tahini dip, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Bone Broth

Green Curry with Rice, Fresh Spring Rolls with dipping sauce, Daikon Salad, Power balls, Peanutbutter Chocolate Rice Puffs, Bone Broth

Roasted Carrots



(December 5th pick up date)

Lemon Herb Chicken

Roasted Carrots and Tahini

Fresh Green Salad and Simple Vinaigrette

Chewy Cinnamon Spice Cookies

Curried Nut Mix

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